Gather in the Corner

2019 — Eng — 15'47 — 1.85:1

Instructor Bill Cooper visits Ms. Morelli’s classroom to run a firearm drill as part of a nationwide safety program.
The 7th graders struggle to adapt to the newest member of their class, a Sig Sauer P-226 handgun.

Festivals & Screenings
Ashland Independant Film Festival 2020

Couch-a-Thon Film & Music Festival 2020
NoBudge Online Premiere — Press ︎︎︎
West Sound Film Festival 2020 — Aug 14 to 16
On Vous Ment Film Festival 2021

Credits — Crew
Director — Joanny Causse
Producer — Semhar Kelati
Writers — Joanny Causse, Stephanie Kwiatt
Executive producers — No Signal Films, Semhar Kelati, David Chen
Director of photography — Nicholas Davis
Production designer — Anastasia Mikolyuk
Associate producer — Mallory Richey
Gaffer — Nathan Beykovsky
Field sound — Frankie Richards, Brian Binning
Camera assistant — Eric Remme
Production assistant — Emma Craft
Sound post — Brian Binning
Color — Violaine Garsault
VFX — DotStudio
VFX supervisor — Julian Gleizer
Compositing lead — Aaron Ramirez

Credits — Cast  
Bill Cooper — Jeff Zornes
Ms. Morelli — Amanda Yeoman Brooke
The Principal — Jack House
Students —
Adrian Colville 
Brett Lorrain 
Bridget Donnelly 
Chanicka Culcleasure 
Ely Malaki 
Hana Hyde 
Joe Shleifer 
Jules Florian 
Miranda Power 
Rory Cox-Hultquist 
Sage Henson 
Sarah White 
Steven Kovacevic 
Tyler Saum 
Youlia Vensel

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